This is post from Sabina Rizwan & Haya Iqbal, two awesome organizers from Karachi, Pakistan who are planning a very creative action for Impacts day on May 5th.

Over the years Pakistan has been experiencing various impacts of climate change but the most devastating ones have been the floods in the past two consecutive years. With rising temeperatures and glacier melting, floods have greater intensity and have affected many lives, homes, land and livestock. If numbers are to go by, over 20 million people were affected in the floods of 2010 with an estimated 43 billion USD as economic impact. The recovery phase is still on and many continue to live in make shift camps. For an agriculture based state, such floods have far reaching implications in terms of food and water security.
For a developing country like Pakistan, focus is always on rehabilitation and we really have not acquired any strong adaptation strategies so far. Very few organizations currently have the capacity to undertake massive research to look at causes and adaptation solutions for the impacts of a changing climate change Pakistan is witnessing. 
For climate impacts day on May 5th, organizers in Karachi are gearing up for a creative boating action at a famous landmark called Gurumandir. We will have people in life boats on the busy roads of Karachi city, signaling towards the devastating floods. It is an action to remind the world that if we do not take action promptly, all of us may end up on boats yet again! KUMAK a local youth organization is involved in helping with this action. We are encouraging our friends in Karachi to support us and join our action here or on Facebook here.
 (Image is from a 350 action in Peshwar, Pakistan, 2010)



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