The close of the first UN climate summit of the year happens in a few days.  I’m here in Bonn with our homemade action counter for October 24, telling government representatives and NGOs that the global movement is coming together in unprecedented ways in this historic year. 

If you saw our last email, you’ll know that we’re shooting for 350 actions by the end of these negotiations.  As I write this the counter is at 333 – and the closing session happens Wednesday.   So close!  Anyone care to make a wager?  I’ll take bets at 350 to 1 that we can make it.

It’s making a difference, too, and we’re turning heads every time we’ve got to get up on our chair and pull the old numbers down off the wall.

One NGO campaigner asked me, “How is everything coming together on 350 so quickly?” I can only defer to you all – you’re the ones making it happen.

This site will become more and more interactive as this idea grows.  We didn’t have everything ready when we sent you our invitation (at the top of the site), but we knew the time was right, so we went ahead and invited you anyway. Look for more ways to see what’s being planned for October 24 soon. 

It’s incredibly inspiring to see, and just one of the thousands of positive outcomes that will come from this work we do is that now all the UN negotiators see it too.  Thanks for your commitment, and my best from Bonn, Germany and the UN climate summit. Now let’s hit 350!


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