Today, 42 faith institutions from 14 countries announce their divestment from fossil fuels. This is the largest-ever joint fossil fuel divestment announcement by faith institutions.

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As governments around the world make substantial investments in an economic recovery from coronavirus, these faith communities urge them to focus on a low-carbon recovery from the pandemic that centers justice.

To date, over 350 of the 1,400 divestment commitments worldwide come from faith institutions. Their action today puts pressure on governments around the world to enact policies that will lead to a comprehensive and resilient recovery.

This is a clear signal to the rest of the world that any future investments or stimulus funds must reject fossil fuels and provide long-term structural emissions reductions. The solutions to the economic crisis are the solutions to the climate crisis.

It’s high time for governments to accelerate the transition needed towards a 100% renewable energy future. Any financial intervention must put people and their livelihoods at its core.

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