Early this morning, the Association of Small Island States released their draft treaty text, a strong survival pact that calls for a fair, ambitious, and legally binding text based on a 350 ppm target! It’s big news and perfect timing. At this moment, thousands upon thousands of "vigils for survival" are beginning to happen around the world.

Our 350.org communications team has been working closely with AOSIS all morning, helping them stage an informal press conference this morning with a massive crowd holding "350 = Survival" and "We Stand with AOSIS" signs. In just three hours, we’ll be hosting another press event with Bill McKibben, Avaaz director Ricken Patel, and Ambassadors from the Island nations.

As Bill McKibben writes,

"Some people will say these are small nations. But they have an army behind them. This weekend millions of people at three thousand vigils in every corner of the world will back this draft text to the hilt. Because everyone on earth lives on a small and endangered island, and these countries are simply ahead of the curve."

This is all moving quickly and is in large part thanks to the incredible momentum you’re helping build around the world. Now’s a time to push hard! 

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