I’ve just left Samoa, where I was helping to install rainwater tanks in villages devastated by the 2009 tsunami. It was an incredible experience to be getting to work with the people in the villages who haven’t had secure access to clean water since the tsunami hit.

One of the most inspiring parts of my time in Samoa was getting to meet our all-star 12 year-old 350 Samoa coordinator, Brianna Fruean and her parents. As she greeted me, Brianna handed me her business card, with the 350 Samoa logo in large across it:


She is seriously organised – on 10/10/10 her and some schoolmates planted more than 350 trees. And I’m pretty certain that that was just a warm-up, because we spent our dinner strategizing how 350 Samoa could grow across Samoa and work with other Pacific Island nations as part of 350 Pacific. I’m sure looking forward to continuing to work with her in the coming years!

So I left Samoa and have been in Kiribati, for the last 5 days getting ready for the 350 Kiribati Climate Leadership Workshop, with 70 community and young people from Kiribati. We're running this workshop from the 8 – 10th November, which is at the same time as the Tarawa Climate Change Conference, an international meeting of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Countries like the Maldives, Bangladesh, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, Lesotho, Yemen, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Grenada will be meeting to discuss issues and a common position for the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico.

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