1. Call the Governor:

    Comment line: 651-201-3400

    What to say: (you might be talking to an answering machine)

    • Hi my name is {NAME} and I’m from {CITY}. I’m calling about the Line 3 pipeline because I am very concerned about climate change and protecting Indigenous rights. Please continue the Department of Commerce appeal and Stop Line 3.” (Add any other concerns that you like)
    • Dropping, or choosing not to refile, the DOC appeal will cement Governor Walz’s legacy on this issue as pro-Enbridge, showing the Governor and this administration as denying basic climate science, erasing Indigenous communities and their rights, and accepting broken processes as valid.
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On December 21, 2018, the Minnesota Department Commerce filed a legal appeal challenging the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s approval of Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline. The Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) has adamantly opposed Line 3 since the fall of 2017 because Enbridge failed to prove the pipeline was needed and because the harm to Minnesotan communities far outweighed the benefits. However, on Governor Walz’s fourth day in office, he made headlines when his new Commissioner of Commerce, Steve Kelley, announced the DOC would be reevaluating the appeal.

Opponents of the Line 3 pipeline have fought hard and built an enormous record against the project, laying out the climate science, treaty rights, and economics that prove this pipeline is a danger to Minnesota. It’s unacceptable that Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan are considering reversing the important step outgoing Governor Dayton took to protect Minnesota. Pipeline opponents are asking allies to tell Governor Walz/Lt. Gov. Flanagan they expect their Department of Commerce’s review of the record to side with the facts, and to maintain the legal challenge.