The Climate Action Network – South Asia (CAN-SA) is hosting the second Climate Equity Meet 2008 in Mamallapuram in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The four day meet, taking place only weeks before the UN’s Conference of Parties (COP) in Poland is being attended by delegates from 48 countries. The past two days at the meet were pretty intensive and directed towards coming to a consensus on climate equity issues and policies and practices ensuring equity and sustainable development.

The first day at the Meet called for the urgent need to get the climate equity message outside the force working on the issue of climate change, out to the ‘civilians’ who now need to show a much greater degree of involvement. A dialogue on Equity followed a presentation on climate science in relation to equity by Bill Hare that called for setting an emission reduction of well below two degrees with much agreement from the delegates.

The second day today, saw discussions on adaptaton and effort-sharing on climate change in order to ensure a fair global deal. Everything from the need to get our eco-nomics right, to ensuring clean, carbon-free development in the less developed and developing countries was brought forward for discussions.

The next two days at the meet would be more to ensure a policy paper on climate equity across continents, before the COP Meet this December.

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