Tell National Geographic climate leaders don’t buy pipelines

Would you give a climate leadership award to a politician who constantly misses his weak climate goals? What about someone who increased public subsidies to fossil fuels? Or, someone who bought a massive carbon bomb pipeline when the company behind it was ready to walk away?

Well, Justin Trudeau has done all that. And, he’s used the RCMP to push fossil fuel projects through Indigenous territories without consent.

But, despite all this, National Geographic is giving him a “Planetary Leadership Award”.

You shouldn’t get awards for building pipelines in the middle of a climate emergency. Add your name to the petition telling National Geographic to rescind this award to send Justin Trudeau a clear message that climate leadership needs action, not just words.

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Tell National Geographic to rescind Prime Minister Trudeau’s Planetary Leadership Award

Dear National Geographic,

We call on you to rescind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Planetary Leadership award for his continued climate inaction and disregard for Indigenous rights and sovereignty.

Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, Canada has failed to make significant emissions reductions, increased fossil fuel subsidies, bought a pipeline that makes meeting our Paris climate commitments impossible, and used Canada’s national police force to violently evict Indigenous land defenders protecting their territories from unwanted fossil fuel development.

These are not the marks of a leader deserving of this award.

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