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Connect The Dots

President Zuma’s cabinet bloodbath has made visible corruptions threat to South Africa’s democracy and energy future. The developing impacts of the cabinet reshuffle have resulted in public angst and awoken widespread resistance against controversial leadership pushing social, political and economic agendas with unpredictable consequences.   (More...)
Africa Divestment

World Water Day – State of Cape Town’s Water Crisis

World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22nd.  This year’s commemoration takes place under the global theme “Wastewater” (UNCED). For 350Africa this international observance is an opportunity to highlight current water crisis with a specific focus on Cape Town City. Learn more here  (More...)

World Water Day – Water Impacted Communities Spearheading Solutions

In exactly one week, on March 22nd, the planet marks World Water Day, drawing attention to the importance of water and promoting sustainable management of freshwater resources across the globe. Africa remains one continent severely impacted by climate change. From Kenya to South Africa water scarcity continues to be a leading crisis, impacting the most vulnerable in... (More...)

Striving towards united social justice movements in Eastern Africa

The first World Day of Social Justice was however observed in 2009.  On this globally marked day, organisation and institutions declare the urgency in promoting efforts that tackle social ills such as poverty, inequality, exclusion and peace. This year, 350 Africa, Akiba Uhaki Foundation, The Catholic university of East Africa and  other partners came together... (More...)
Africa Climate Justice

We know who is responsible for climate chaos, and how to stop them.

With political unrest around the world and climate impacts intensifying daily, now more than ever we need to stand up to protect our shared environment and be active in shaping a just society. We know the fossil fuel industry has been corrupting our politics and delaying urgent climate solutions for decades. But as resistance grows... (More...)
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2017 – Scaling up campaigns across Africa

It is a new year, new promises and renewed hope for climate change warriors, as we gather much-needed strength and resilience to soldier on and up the ante on our climate change campaigns across the African region. Learn More Here  (More...)

Global Divestment Mobilisation

This May, thousand of people around the world will be taking part in a Global Divestment Mobilisation, pushing institutions to show political leadership and divest from fossil fuels – it’s time to get involved where you are.

May 5 – 13. Mobilise. Divest. Everywhere.

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