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First week of mobilisation at COP22

Crosspost from 350 Africa, by Landry Nintereste  Our mobilising efforts against the fossil fuel industry and for climate solutions continue alongside the COP22. After last week’s workshop on storytelling at COY and the launch of project ‘Climate Photo and Impacts’, momentum is growing as Sunday approaches – the day on which the march for climate... (More...)
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Our Climate Stories

During COP22 and afterwards, 350 Africa and 350 Arab World are collecting stories about climate impacts and successful community-led renewable energy projects in the region. This is a platform for community-building through storytelling. Read the stories here.  (More...)
Africa Arab World COP22

COP22: A Defining Moment for Africa’s Climate Movement

By Lerato Letebele, Africa – Arab World Communications Coordinator Africa’s climate struggles are set to take centre stage at this year’s annual UNFCCC Conference of the Parties meeting from 7-18th November. Host country Morocco will see its city, Marrakesh, come to life as politicians, civil society and climate activists from all over the globe, convene to discuss climate change... (More...)
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Being Present in this Moment: Climate Justice and Collective Dignity

The recent upheavals and very intense expressions of violence and racism deserve a response commensurate with the seriousness and complexity of the moment.   Here at, we’re reflecting on how these atrocities in the United States are taking place against the backdrop of tragedies and killings around the world. We’ve watched in horror at... (More...)
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Open letter from the Civil Society and youth of North Africa and the Middle East (MENA) / Arab World to the “Abu Dhabi Ascent” participants

We, the youth and civil society of the area comprised of the MENA region and the Arab World welcome you all to our region, and commend you on your efforts to fight climate change, which is an ever-growing concern for current and future generations. We also commend the government of the UAE for organizing this preparatory event. We would... (More...)
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Shifting Power in Jordan

Omar Qubain is a Greenpeace volunteer and activist from Jordan. Working with fellow climate activist and researcher Hiba Abu Rob, Omar is getting ready to roll out exciting Phase 2 Global Power Shift (GPS) plans to scale-up action in his country on climate-related issues. Read on for some interesting insights from Omar on why he…... (More...)
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