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Massive cross-border human chain opposes coal mining in Europe

On Saturday, 23rd August, thousands of people made their way to the German-Polish border region Lusatia, to confront one of the biggest environmental disasters right in the middle of Europe. They formed a human chain of 8 km connecting German and Polish villages that are supposed to make way for open-pit lignite mines. If Swedish... (More...)
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Will climate denialism help Russian economy?

Facing an economic crisis, Russian authorities are giving unprecedented tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industry that lead to new drilling in the Arctic and East Siberia. Will ‘climate denialism’ benefit the Russian economy? The recent call by the Russian Deputy Prime-Minister Siluanov to “tighten belts” has convinced even optimists that something is deeply wrong... (More...)
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Hundred-year Balkan floods: a report from the ground

Guest blog by Rastko Šejić from Obrenovac, Serbia, Global Power Shift participant Obrenovac, Serbia It’s 6:00 on 16th May when an SMS from my little sister Rastislava wakes me up to a gloomy morning. It’s been raining heavily for three days. My sister’s message reads, “Our neighbourhood is under water”. I call her immediately.... (More...)
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Why We Must Win

Connecting the dots is a phrase those of us in the climate movement often use when talking about climate disasters. Last week we had a reminder that the most glaring dots out there are often issues to do with social justice. In fact, for the people involved, a climate justice framework is often the only... (More...)
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Azerbaijan: Climate Impacts in Mountain Villages

Read this article in Russian The republic of Azerbaijan in Southern Caucasus, where Western Asia and Eastern Europe meet, boasts a rich cultural heritage, unique biodiversity as well as large oil and natural gas reserves. The country’s name itself translates into ‘The Land of the (Holy) Fire’, perhaps referring to flames of burning gas observed on its... (More...)
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Poles want energy transition to renewables = no new coal!

Guest blog from Diana Maciąga, Global Power Shift participant and organiser for the Association Workshop for All Beings/ StopEP campaign The vast majority of Poles want their country to take strong action on climate change and shift to renewable energy. This is the result of a representative nationwide poll by TNS Polska in March 2014... (More...)
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UPDATE: 350 Volunteer in Ukraine Released

According to information received on March 12, Kateryna, alongside the rest of the group who went missing, have been released and are on their way back to Kiev. We thank all those who helped by sharing the earlier post in solidarity as we sought to confirm their well-being.   (More...)
Eastern Europe Power Shift Volunteer Amongst Three Women Taken in Ukraine by Men in Unmarked Military Uniforms

Three women are missing after being detained in the Crimean border city of Armiansk, Ukraine Ukraine — A volunteer organizer, Kateryna Butko, is missing along with two other women after the three were detained by men in unmarked military uniforms in the the city of Armiansk, Ukraine yesterday. “We are very concerned about Kateryna’s... (More...)
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