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Trump vs. Paris

News reports from Washington say that Donald Trump is leaning towards pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the backbone of international climate action, next week. Pulling out of Paris is immoral, economically foolish and puts the interests of fossil fuel billionaires ahead of vulnerable people everywhere. But it’s not the end... (More...)
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January is going to be a (busy) month of resistance

The climate movement is getting ready for a big January of bold action to defeat Donald Trump’s dangerous fossil fuel agenda. He wants to put Big Oil in charge of our government, roll back decades of climate progress, and witch hunt climate scientists out of their posts. He’s also preparing unprecedented attacks on civil liberties,... (More...)
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Exxon’s CEO is meeting with Trump today.

Today Rex Tillerson — CEO of ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest oil company, and a top funder of attacks on science and climate action — is going to Trump Tower for an interview to become the next nominee for US Secretary of State. An oil baron as Secretary of State could do enormous damage. He could... (More...)
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The Push for Recognition & Protection for Environmental Defenders at COP22

More than three environmental defenders a week were killed in 2015 and hundreds face intimidation, arrest and death threats. These defenders fight to protect land, oceans, rivers & forests from destruction. Many are in the fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground — the only way to limit warming to 1.5° — and they... (More...)
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Big news: SEC will investigate Exxon

The campaign to hold Exxon accountable for their climate cover-up just took a big step forward. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced this afternoon that they’re opening an investigation into whether Exxon has failed to account for the risk climate change and climate regulations could pose to their business model. This is big: the... (More...)
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Exxon’s fingerprints are all over these fires

Right now two extreme California fires are destroying dozens of homes while threatening thousands more. They’ve forced hundreds to evacuate and have already claimed two lives. For me, as for many of you, watching our state burn is heartbreaking, and it’s scary. Just In – #SoberanesFire burning in Monterey County is now 31,386 acres &... (More...)
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Resist Trump's Climate Agenda

A majority of people in America did not vote for Donald Trump. The people that worked and voted against him are more likely to be younger and part of vulnerable communities who will together bear the biggest impacts of climate change and his vicious agenda across the board. Together we can make sure that this majority is visible, fired up, and impossible to ignore — from taking to the streets in all 50 states to turning Cabinet confirmations into public hearings on climate denial and deception.

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