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16 more universities join the divestment movement!

We have some uplifting news — today student network People & Planet revealed through its University League that 16 more universities have made divestment commitments, bringing the total to 43 – a quarter of all UK unis! This is a huge moment — university commitments have more than doubled this year. It’s a  remarkable achievement and... (More...)

Now is the time to do the right thing

  Last week we all witnessed how a well known climate denier, Donald Trump, was elected to lead the USA in the next four years. For the first 100 days of his administration, he has already pledged to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, to bring back the KXL pipeline, and to lift the moratorium on... (More...)

Take To the Streets On Nov 15 In Solidarity With Standing Rock

I watched the poll numbers roll in, and as the tides started to turn away from Hillary I froze. I went to sleep hoping I’d wake up from a nightmare, and since, the reality of a Trump presidency is starting to sink in. The best words to describe how I’ve felt is heartbroken. I’m heartbroken... (More...)

A love letter for the Pope

The news was surprising. We knew a group of students had enthusiastically agreed to bring a divestment message to the streets of Malmö and Lund, as Pope Francis visited both Swedish cities in a trip highlighted by a joint prayer celebration with the Lutheran church, marking the beginning of a jubilee commemorating the 500th anniversary... (More...)

For New York, climate change is an immediate existential threat.

Despite the immediate risks of climate change, decision-makers with the New York State Comptrollers office remain on the wrong side of history. It’s time to #DivestNY. Last Friday, October 28, I attended a powerful fossil fuel divestment roundtable at Baruch College co-sponsored by New York State Senators Liz Krueger, Brad Hoylman, and Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. Of... (More...)
Divestment Fossil Fuels North America

Climate action continues gaining momentum among Catholic organizations

Labeled “the most progressive Pope ever”, Pope Francis frequently addresses equality, environment and social justice issues. The powerful messages contained in his Laudato Si’ encyclical on the environment stressed the need to take action against manmade climate change, and to overcome the disparities that capitalism is breeding. Early October, just as a report found that... (More...)

University of Copenhagen commits to invest fossil free

The University of Copenhagen will not invest in fossil fuel companies that are fuelling climate change. It’s the first university in Denmark to commit to a fossil free investment strategy. On Tuesday the university board voted unanimously to blacklist investments in companies that derive more than 5% of their revenues from activities linked to prospecting,... (More...)

Divest for Paris

The divestment movement is challenging institutions, individuals and governments to show climate leadership and align their investments with their values by divesting from fossil fuels ahead of the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris.

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Global Divestment Day

Together, we will show that we are a truly global and growing force to be reckoned with. As the fossil fuel industry throws more money at fossil fuel expansion, we will turn up the volume of our divestment movement. And we won’t stop until we win.

Join us for Global Divestment Day on February 13 and 14 and together, let’s make fossil fuels history.

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Divest the Vatican

With the ear of 1.2 billion Catholics and the respect of Christians and non-Christians alike, Pope Francis is uniquely positioned to add both his voice and the unique moral power of his office to the divestment movement. The tide is turning. Now it’s time to divest the Vatican.

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Société Genérale: kick your coal habit

With  banks publicly stating they will reduce their investments in coal, it is now time for private banks such as Société Générale to make this pledge as well.

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Ban Divestment? No way.

Coal companies in Australia are pushing the government to make our fossil fuel divestment campaign illegal. We need your help to push back!

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Fossil Free

The Fossil Free campaign is building a global movement to divest from fossil fuels. If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

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