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Playing fair and safe for the climate

  Today at 10 am the ministry for inner affairs of the federal state North-Rhine Westfalia held a public session discussing police activities in Garzweiler, at the Ende Gelände action on 15 August 2015. After an official complaint the authorities have had to discuss RWE’s role at the protests. The police have been massively criticized... (More...)
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How a Cardboard Sign and a Sharpie forced Climate Change onto the Campaign Trail

Yesterday, local activists disrupted Stephen Harper’s campaign stop in Montreal to remind him that you can’t avoid the issue of climate and tar sands expansion if you’re campaigning to be leader of this country. Organizers from communities opposed to the Energy East and Line 9b pipelines, local residents, members of the CSN workers union and students from Divest... (More...)
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Fossils belong in museums.

Friends, Today, we’re announcing an exciting new divestment campaign: In partnership with The Natural History Museum, a new mobile museum that champions bold climate action, we’re launching a brand new push in the divestment movement calling on museums to stand up as leaders in the face of climate catastrophe. The iron is red hot. In... (More...)
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How 1,500 people shut down Europe’s biggest source of CO2

On Saturday, around 1,500 people set off from the climate camp in Germany’s Rhineland early in the morning to try and enter the open-pit lignite mine of Garzweiler  and block the massive excavators.   Utility company RWE’s lignite mines and power plants in the Rhineland are the biggest source of CO2 emissions in Europe. Three of the five... (More...)
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Bird-dogging the campaign trail in Canada: Week 1 & 2 in Review

WEEK 1: The federal election gets called early and the pressure begins. When Stephen Harper called the elections on August 2nd, effectively making this year’s electoral period the  longest of the last decades, people all across the country concerned about climate change geared into action to make sure the climate movement would have a voice throughout... (More...)
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潔夫‧瑞帕羅 (Zeph Repollo) 上週可說是反對菲律賓巴拉望島上的燃煤電廠的重要轉捩點,普林塞薩港市政府於6月16日正式通過了「強烈反對在巴拉望建設燃煤電廠的決議」。 這是我們從市政府那看到最強烈的反對聲明了,而這也為這場對抗具破壞性且無益的燃煤電廠的抗爭中標出一個轉捩點。這場抗爭起初只是由少數團體發動,現在儼然擴張為教堂、學校、農夫、社區、公民團體、國會議員,乃至於菲律賓全境參與的規模。 DM孔松希股份有限公司 (DMCI) 數次試圖在巴拉望上脆弱的生態系統中,建設一座15百萬瓦的燃煤電廠,但皆未成功。我們人民不能接受背負侵害環境與民眾權益惡名的企業摧殘我們最後一個生態據點。 「革命尚未成功,但像這樣的時刻將我們的恐懼轉化為希望,並彰顯了我們的價值。我們也體認到我們內心有著無比的勇氣。」 ~ 巴拉望乾淨能源聯盟發言人 辛西雅·素瑪蓋塞 (Cynthia Sumagaysay- Del Rosario) 我們已收集了全菲律賓近六千份的連署書,敦促環資部 (DENR) 的巴赫部長 (Ramon Jesus P. Paje) 擋下DMCI所提的燃煤電廠計畫。而沒有任何事物,能比由該計畫預定地的普林塞薩港市政府所通過的決議,更具有人民諮詢及知曉參與的代表性。該計畫對瀕危的水中及陸上生物具有極大威脅性,同時也會衝擊到居住其上的巴拉望原住民團體的生活與生計。我們需要您與我們一同發聲-請簽署並分享這項連署書! 巴拉望反燃煤抗爭行動具有極高的重要性:這並非只是為了巴拉望,而是為了全菲律賓的民眾。我們已有可負擔的永續能源政策準備實行。事實上,巴拉望有一個總體能源計畫,將可證明永續能源為最便宜、最方便且最聰明的能源解決方案。現在我們需要展現這場運動的力量,讓這些政策得以實現。我們的抗爭就是為了能源系統轉型,藉著抗拒骯髒且有害的能源及爭取實在的能源解決方案,來造福人民與環境而非圖利財團。 越來越多的人挺身而出表示:菲律賓向燃煤說再見就是為我們人民及氣候迎來一個公正且永續的未來。請幫助我們收集更多的連署-簽署並分享我們的連署書。 (More...)
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Broad support from German NGOs for direct action against coal

Numerous German NGOs have issued a statement in solidarity with the peaceful direct action Ende Gelände from 14-16 August that aims to bring the coal diggers in the Rhineland to a halt. The declaration signed by, Friends of the Earth Germany, Oxfam, Campact, urgewald, Attac and many more, refers to the action as an ‘awakening signal to phase... (More...)
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Stop the TPP!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement — a trade deal being negotiated between dozens of countries — is the fossil fuel industry’s latest tool to shut down climate action, and we’re joining a huge coalition to stop it.

The TPP would give foreign fossil fuel corporations the right to sue city, state and national governments if climate action hurts their profits. It’s an enormous corporate power grab and it threatens to undermine climate progress around the world.

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Switch off Tata Mundra

The World Bank refuses to recognize its own policy violations and the serious impacts of financing a deadly coal plant in Mundra, India. Let’s put pressure on World Bank’s president, Dr. Jim Kim, and make them stop ignoring the facts.

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Société Genérale: kick your coal habit

With  banks publicly stating they will reduce their investments in coal, it is now time for private banks such as Société Générale to make this pledge as well.

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Ban Divestment? No way.

Coal companies in Australia are pushing the government to make our fossil fuel divestment campaign illegal. We need your help to push back!

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Save Palawan's Pristine Environment

New coal plants in the face of Typhoon Haiyan and climate change are unacceptable — help us protect Palawan, the last frontier in the Philippines.

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Rampal plant in Bangladesh

Join the struggle to stop Rampal coal plant — a massive dirty project that could create devastating and irreversible impacts on the beautiful forests of  the Sundarbans.

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Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

We’re joining with organizations and communities throughout North America in a united campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline — the fuse to the largest carbon bomb on the planet.

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Fossil Free

The Fossil Free campaign is building a global movement to divest from fossil fuels. If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

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