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The Indigenous Arctic: We see, we hear, we are the edge

Guest Blog By Princess Daazhraii Johnson and Wilson Justin Mrs. Johnson (Neets’aii Gwich’in) is a community organizer with Native Movement & founding member of Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition and Mr. Justin (Ahtna) is a Traditional Leader from Nabesna Alaska just experienced the third consecutive hottest year on record. Because we are warming twice as fast... (More...)
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Raising Our Paddles

This May, a delegation of Pacific Islanders who are fighting climate change from the frontlines of impact, are headed to one of the dirtiest fossil fuel extraction sites on the planet: the Canadian tar sands. These Pacific Climate Warriors are disappointed that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has deliberately broken his international climate promises by... (More...)
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Reporting from the Frontlines: Why We Must Divest

Climate change isn’t a far distant threat. For many people around the world it is a deeply present reality. We organize for divestment because we believe it is wrong for people to profit from the wreckage of the planet. In the lead up to the Global Divestment Mobilisation, staff and volunteers around the world... (More...)
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Warmth, wins, and way forward: Climate Change and Canada in 2017

As climate change impacts hit the world with full force, Canada also experienced some unsettling trends. Yet as temperatures climb, glaciers recede, and wildlife populations decline, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government insist on upholding the status quo while trying to convince the world they are practicing a novel approach of striking a balance between the... (More...)
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We know who is responsible for climate chaos, and how to stop them.

With political unrest around the world and climate impacts intensifying daily, now more than ever we need to stand up to protect our shared environment and be active in shaping a just society. We know the fossil fuel industry has been corrupting our politics and delaying urgent climate solutions for decades. But as resistance grows... (More...)
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Exxon Killed The Reef

This year, the world witnessed the most devastating mass coral bleaching event ever recorded which left behind dead reefs in at least 38 countries. Many of these reefs will never recover.

The immediate cause is clear: the ongoing rise in global ocean temperatures that comes from climate change. But that’s like saying “he was killed by a bullet.” The important question is: who fired the gun?

It’s time for us to point the finger so that the world knows:

Exxon and their fossil fuel peers killed our reefs, and every day they continue to pollute they are knowingly putting our natural world — and all of us — in further danger.

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