Towering above us, this Mountain Ash is an example of a tree which is the
“best in the world for storing carbon”, and here in Cement Creek, many
trees like this one are not protected.

Our natural forests are carbon sinks and should be protected from carbon
emitting activities like clear fell logging and burning. They are worth
more to the local community and to the planet if they are left intact in
the ground.

ABC News reported on 17 June 2009 that a study has been carried out by
environmental scientist Professor Brendan Mackey of the Australian National
University which identified that mountain ash forests in Victoria’s Central
Highlands as the best in the world at locking up carbon.
Mackey and colleagues found the highest amount of carbon was contained in a
forest located in Victoria’s Central Highlands, which held 1900 tonnes of
carbon per hectare. This most “carbon-dense” forest was a stand of
un-logged mountain ash over 100 years old.

Karina Doughty from Warburton Environment says:
‘These forests must be protected as a home for wildlife, for the clean air
and drinking water they provide to Melbournians, and to help buffer the
dangerous effects of climate change.’

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