After a week of setting up the 4th Camp for Climate Action – this time next to the administrative office of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) in Edinburgh, the camp now reaches it's peak with the day of direct action against RBS and other institutions involved in financing tar sands extraction – one of the dirtiest forms of fossil fuel extraction.

While last years camps targeted airports and coal fired power plants this year activists from the UK and Europe called out for a day of non-violent direct action against the banks and finance institutions that are still driving fossil fuel extractions with their investments. 

With tons of creativity, humor and energy, UK climate camp is holding financial institutions and politicians responsible for the fatal direction their investment decisions are sending us. 


After staging a dancing protest at the RSB sponsored stage at the Edinburgh fringe festival (one of the biggest cultural festivals in the UK) and staging a "greenwashing" action in front of RBS yesterday now campers are on their way to the offices of different financial institutions connected to tar sand investments. 

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