Hello friends, I am writing to you from Berlin, Germany, but whether you’re in Europe or elsewhere you are probably experiencing, to some extent, the same as I am: the rise in the prices of food, products and energy. The war in Ukraine is close to our borders here, but it has had impacts all around the world. And it’s clearly shown us that our dependence on fossil fuels has to stop.

The fossil fuel industry tried to delay the German government’s decision to phase out coal and impose more European investments on African gas. But we organized and skilled up our movement to counter misinformation and build the change we need. While the fossil fuel industry promoted fear, we amplified hope.

In 2022, we stepped up the pressure on Deutsche Bank and called for banks to cut financial ties with the fossil fuel industry. With the help of a new campaign team of key volunteers, we put pressure on the bank to rule out funding for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). We targeted the bank with online and offline actions, such as a projection on the bank’s headquarters and hundreds of bad reviews on Google Maps.

When activists from Germany and Uganda exposed the damage the pipeline is already causing to people, Deutsche Bank distanced itself from EACOP and said it did not plan to fund the project, as a direct result of public pressure. 


Activist press conference outside the Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt with speakers from Uganda and Luisa Neubauer from Germany. Photo credit: Hosam Katan / 350.org


Deutsche Bank campaign team, solidarity action to support #StopEACOP


Next, we are investing in trainings for the climate movement in Germany so that we can keep creativity and momentum high in the next months.

In 2023, we plan to continue putting pressure on Deutsche Bank and acting in solidarity with people in Uganda and Tanzania to stop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) from being built.

We will continue to advocate for EU policy-makers to pass the new rules for banks to take into account the full risk of investments in fossil fuels. And we will fight for more equitable access to sustainable and affordable energy for all across Europe. 

In 2023, we want to continue amplifying hope and showing to decision-makers and investors that we want a world built on just and equitable policies and investment – and that people should always come before profit.

Join us!

In solidarity,

Kate Cahoon

Senior Campaigner Germany

It’s been so great seeing all the campaigns, actions and groups fighting for climate justice across the world this year. Would you be up for sharing your best moment or reflection from the climate movement in 2022?

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