Hello friend! My name is Matilda Borgström and this is my story of my work as a climate campaigner with 350.org.

Despite what you might think, this email won’t contain any thrilling stories of me gluing myself to a fossil-funding bank or scaling an oil rig in the name of climate justice. The reason: I’m a digital climate campaigner. What does that mean? I do my climate activism on a laptop, in the middle of the Scottish countryside, while drinking cups of coffee and being frequently interrupted in my work by my large, hairy (very muddy) dog Merlyn.


Me and Merlyn at my desk, busy thinking up new campaigns to take down the fossil fuel industry.


While my work might not be as adrenaline-pumping as some of my colleagues, the campaigns I run and the fights I lead are just as urgent and important.

As a Europe Digital Campaigner, a large part of what I do is support my colleagues in France, Germany, and the U.K. in making sure their campaigns are as impactful as possible. Some of the big victories we’ve had recently are:

  • Forcing Germany’s biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, to publicly state they wouldn’t be funding EACOP — a huge new oil pipeline being built in Africa.
  • Making the reputation of Total — the French oil giant which is one of the world’s worst polluters — completely toxic by highlighting its human rights abuses and destructive fossil fuel projects in the Global South.
  • Adding so much pressure on the banks and insurers backing the EACOP pipeline that a huge number have dropped out or said they won’t support it.
  • Pushing for a windfall tax in the U.K. to help people cope with the energy and cost of living crisis. The Government announced the tax — a huge victory for us — and then backtracked a few months later. Truly, the work of a campaigner never ends!

Part of why I love digital campaigning is because it allows anyone anywhere to take part in our campaigns and to push for climate justice — but maybe I’m just saying that because I live in the middle of nowhere!

99% of my work is online, but recently I was lucky enough to get to meet up with my colleagues on the Europe team in person for a strategy and planning meeting. We’re working on some really exciting plans and big strategic shifts for the coming year, and I can’t wait to tell you about them soon. 

My coffee is almost done brewing, so I’m going to have a cup, take Merlyn for a walk and then get back to fighting the fossil fuel industry from a laptop at my desk.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you today, friend. It’s been a pleasure!

Matilda Borgström

Senior Europe Digital Campaigner

It’s been so great seeing all the campaigns, actions and groups fighting for climate justice across the world this year. Would you be up for sharing your best moment or reflection from the climate movement in 2022?

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