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Last summer extreme heat killed over 600 people in Canada alone, but Trudeau continues to delay meaningful climate action. That’s why hundreds of people in 16 communities from Moncton to Whitehorse to Victoria came together to remember the lives lost in last year’s tragic Heat Dome and hold our politicians accountable for worsening climate disasters.

Now, let’s make sure that Canadian politicians hear the demands of people and stop delaying critical climate action like a Just Transition.

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Background Photo: Subbu Srinivasan

The Story

On June 29th 2022, 16 communities across the country came together to mark the one year anniversary of the 2021 Heat Dome, the deadliest climate disaster in Canadian history. From the Maritimes to the West Coast, and all the points in between, hundreds rallied outside MP offices and city centres to hold our politicians accountable for delaying critical climate action.

Together, we demanded a transformative Just Transition Act that gets us off fossil fuels fast while supporting communities in the midst of worsening climate disasters.

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Background Photo: Subbu Srinivasan

Map of Events from June 29th

If you missed the day of action and want to plan something in your community, check out our toolkit for action visuals, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What did these actions look like?

From Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, and all the points in-between, people came together across the country outside their Members of Parliaments’ offices to mark the anniversary of last summer’s Heat Dome, the first climate-driven mass casualty event in Canadian history. Together, we called on our so-called leaders to End Climate Delay and deliver nothing short of the biggest and most imaginative version of the just transition legislation before the end of 2022.

When and where did these actions take place?

On Wednesday June 29th across the country. Check out the full list of actions here.

Why now?

Trudeau’s climate delay is costing our communities too much, and sentencing thousands more to suffer, and even die, from future climate disasters. Over the past year, thousands of homes, lives and livelihoods have been upended by extreme heat, fires, flooding and storms fuelled by climate chaos. Instead of responding with bold and ambitious climate action, the Trudeau government continues to approve new fossil fuel megaprojects and pour money into the climate-wrecking Trans Mountain pipeline. We need this Parliament to deliver Just Transition legislation to accelerate Canada’s shift to clean energy while protecting our communities and workers.

It’s time for the excuses to end. That’s why on June 29th thousands of people across the country will rise up to mark the anniversary of the Heat Dome, the deadliest event in Canadian history, and demand our federal leaders stop expanding fossil fuels and invest in a Just Transition that protects people and the planet.

Who organized this?

Grassroots groups and community members across the country, with support from 350.org and organizing partners.

Mass Organizing Call on June 9th to End Climate Delay

End Climate Delay, Pass the Just Transition Act

Canada can’t tackle the climate crisis without winding down fossil fuel production. That’s why Trudeau needs to pass the Just Transition legislation he promised 3 years ago and deliver real support for the workers and communities on the frontlines of the massive shifts ahead.

Getting the Just Transition Act right could mean the difference between putting Canada on the right track as we take on the climate crisis, or continuing down the dangerous path of climate delay and denial we are on. Together, we have the power to make sure our government meets this moment and leaves no one behind.

Put people first, not corporate profits

A just transition can’t be another excuse to hand billions of dollars over to Big Oil and other corporations. These companies should pay to clean up their own messes. The resources we put towards a just transition should go directly to the people and communities who need them.

We know that both climate change and the energy transition will disproportionately affect Indigenous, rural and northern communities. Those most impacted are going to need the most support, and it’s up to your government to make sure that happens.

Thanks to actions taken by people like you, we stopped Big Oil from squeezing billions from the government. But, they’re not giving up. That’s why we will continue to use all the tools available to us to oppose corporate bailouts and lift up the needs of communities who are most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis — including Indigenous peoples, racialized folks, and frontline workers.

We know that we’ll be most successful if we take action when the decisions are being made, not when they’re being carried out. This means that as organizers, we need to be strategic and lay the groundwork for what’s to come.

Guarantee good, green, union jobs

A just transition should guarantee a good, green, unionized job to anyone who wants one. Putting a jobs guarantee at the centre of the just transition will help ensure nobody is left behind as we meet the climate crisis.

Align with climate science

We need this transition to move at the pace and scale the climate emergency demands. That means that the timeline and scale for phasing out fossil fuels needs to line up with the latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. At a minimum, that means a moratorium on all fossil fuel expansion, including freezing fossil fuel projects currently under construction — like the Trans Mountain pipeline.


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