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Large Banks Pour Trillions into Fossil Fuel

Our very own Nicole Han (Asia Pacific Communications) worked on the article which touches on how Asian banks fail on climate by channeling billions into coal. The article references a report from climate groups – was one of the groups which endorsed the report. The comprehensive report indicates how fossil fuel financing continues to rise even amidst the global economic crisis and after the Paris Agreement. Read the article here.

Fund Our Future, Not Gas

Last week, people from across Australia and the Pacific put pressure on Australian politicians to say “NO” to handouts for gas companies in the Australian Federal Budget. People joined rallies, delivered letters to their local members of parliament, covered MP offices with post-it notes and even delivered 100 postcards to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office. Only a people-powered movement that demands an alternative recovery for the people, not the polluters can turn the tide on the fracking expansion that puts our climate, Aboriginal land, and Australian water sources at risk.


AfrikaVuka Climate Workshops

The workshops took place from 12 February to 5 March. Various sessions were held and hosted by organisers, campaigners and journalists from across Africa, all with the idea of sharing knowledge and experiences gained through their climate movement journey.See some of the sessions here

Green New Deal – Bangladesh

Young people in Bangladesh have launched a new campaign called Green New Deal which calls on the government to kickstart renewable energy projects and move towards a 100% renewable energy system by 2050, instead of transitioning from coal to gas. Read more.

Global Climate Strikes

This global day of action was observed on March 19 as climate strikers mobilised to demand immediate, concrete, and ambitious action from world leaders in response to the climate crisis. The theme for this was under the hashtag #NoMoreEmptyPromises. Their fight was seen from various regions across the globe – America, Kenya, Europe, and even the Arctic just to mention a few.


Some amazing footage to appreciate their fight during this pandemic for environmental justice and climate destruction;


HSBC to phase-out coal funding

HBSC – a big financier of the coal industry – says they will stop financing coal projects by 2040. As significant as this is, there now needs to be focus to ensure that HSBC delivers on these commitments. They must publish their coal phase-out policy before the end of 2021 with a clear plan to stop financing coal developers and coal companies. So, there is no time to relax now. You can read more and continue to pressure HSBC by sharing this news

Use Your Power

Climate Stories Hub

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Climate Stories Hub! The Hub will be a space for storytellers from around the world to share their climate stories – from illustrations, essays, videos, photos, music and more! We welcome content from storytellers at all levels and languages. Read our guidelines to learn more about the Climate Stories Hub and how to share your stories. Check out the Climate Stories Hub here.

Build Back Fossil Free Week of Action

Half-way through Biden’s first 100 days from April 1 – April 9, the #BuildBackFossilFree coalition, which is a founding member of, hosted a week of action across the country to escalate the demand for President Joe Biden to be a real Climate President by stopping all new fossil fuel projects.

On April 1, Indigenous youth runners traveled to Washington D.C. for the biggest action since Biden stepped into office to call on the president to stop the Dakota Access pipeline and Biden Build Back Fossil Free.


Global Just Recovery Gathering

The three-day online event featured interactive workshops, cultural sessions, and hands-on trainings. This global event allowed participants to build their skills, strengthen relationships, and hear from a powerful line-up of climate leaders, artists, and yes, musicians too, from every corner of the world.

We were joined by over 7,000 people from 151 countries in 11 languages. Participants joined from their homes, listened in on their phones on train to work, and even held watch parties.

Did you miss out on the Gathering? You can now watch the recorded sessions here.

Climate Impacts

Australia Floods

Parts of Australia were tragically hit with more than 800mm of rain in less than a week. This has led to about a dozen communities being declared disaster areas and forced over 18,000 people to evacuate their homes. These floods have come less than 18 months after the bushfire crisis gripped Australia.

Ones to Watch

Protect the Arctic from fossil gas drilling:

Is there no limit to their greed? The French oil giant TOTAL wants to drill for fossil fuel gas in the pristine, fragile nature of the Arctic. Not only is this disastrous for our climate, but they also intend to finance this destructive plan using public money.

READ MORE on American Petroleum Institute Support on Carbon Pricing:

The oil and gas industry’s largest trade group, American Petroleum Institute endorsed a price on carbon emissions. Policy Director Natalie Mebane responded to the matter.


Our public finance institutions are fuelling the climate crisis:

In a perfect democracy, citizens hope that the public institutions are structured to look out for the people’s basic human rights. Sadly, in Southern Africa, environmental racism has put poor, black, Indigenous, and people of color communities in the path of polluters and the climate crisis.


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