sites/all/files/beach_clean_up_in_tonga.jpgThe sheer scale and urgency of climate change often leaves me pessimistic, but working as the Pacific coordinator, has given me a constant stream of hope.

Recently the Tongan Youth Congress has mobilised an ambitious plan of coastal planting to protect themselves from climate change. On every Saturday in the lead up to Oct 10th they are moving along the coast planting, cleaning up the beach and inspiring communities around them to get involved. That's what local leadership for our planet looks like.

Last year on Oct 24th, we had actions in every Pacific Island nation – and this year Pacific voices will be ringing even louder on Oct 10th with a powerful message: "Global leaders get to work on climate change – because we are!"

Whether it's students from Vaiala Beach Primary School in Samoa planting out mangroves or communities in the Northern Marianas, Tuvalu, Kiribati, or the Solomon Islands getting to work, we can be sure that the Pacific will be doing much more than it's fair share to tackle this biggest of challenges.

We just have to make sure that global media and global leaders know it–so back to work for me…

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