For a somewhat more lighthearted Saturday take on the significance of 350, here's a guest post by our friend Roger Shamel of the Global Warming Education Network, GWEN, in Massachusetts, USA:

GWEN teamed up with 350VT on September 27th to participate in a 350 awareness event at Battery Park in Burlington, VT, USA.  The event was a success!

We were able to express the importance of CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere with cookies!  There were cookies baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to represent what the Earth looks like when CO2 levels are held to 350ppm (the suggested level in order to save our planet from the terrible effects of greenhouse gases).  To counter that, there was also a batch of cookies baked at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  These showed people where our Earth is currently headed, unless we stop using coal to make electricity, and switch our cars from gasoline to electric hybrids in the next 10 years!

Roger reported after the event that, "all of the 350-degree cookies were eaten, while only part of one 500-degree cookie was eaten."

If you weren't convinced before, my guess is that now you're on board.  Now who wants to prove how delicious cookies can be baked with a solar oven?

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