COP 21 Social Media Squad


The world has changed in many ways since the Copenhagen climate talks of 2009. The climate movement is stronger and more connected than ever, and a host of new media tools allow us to share our stories and messages in whole new ways.  During the COP21 climate talks in Paris, we want to have a team of citizen reporters, designers, photographers, coders who can support the climate movement in telling our own stories about the change we need.  

What We Need:

  • Amplifiers:  When important events happen or news come out, we need people who can help amplify the social media and share it. 
  • Reporters: There’s going to be a lot of amazing events happening around Paris during the COP. Whether it’s an art event, an action or a public forum — we want to make sure that the important stories are being covered online. Will be working to connect citizen reporters with key events to help cover and amplify what’s happening.
  • Designers: Will need some good designers who can take multimedia and turn it into engaging, shareable content for social media.
  • Curators:  Social media is more than just putting out content, but also listening to what’s being said. We’ll need people who are good at monitoring what is happening on social media and curating the best stories.
  • Photographers/Videographers: Need people who can go and cover an event when we need it.
  • Coders/Makers:  Have some cool coding skills that can create dynamic digital pieces? Love tinkering and bridging the divide between online/offline?  There’s some interesting things that could happen again.

How much time are we expecting?  It won’t be a full time gig. How much time you spend  depends on your own availability and your specific skill. The exact hours may be uncertain, definitely looking for people who are flexible and good at responding quickly.

Do people get paid? Unfortunately our budget is very tight and we don’t have money to compensate people. This is just on a volunteer basis.

Do people have to be in Paris? No. We will accept help from people who aren’t there, but have a lot to offer.

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Have more questions? Email Thelma Young, social media manager thelma [at]