Hi Fellow Organisers, Activists, and Artivists,

COP20 is happening in Lima, Peru from 1 Dec through 12 December. As with past COPs, 350.org is able to nominate movement members to go. A nomination is not a guarantee of confirmation, and the number of people we can send depends on the UNFCCC as well as 350.org’s internal needs. If you would like to be nominated to attend, please read the following information.

Who We Want to Accredit:

  1. People who have a history of working with 350.org. While we are a somewhat unusual organization under official guidelines, the UNFCCC asks that all members of a delegation have a connection to their accrediting organization. For an organization run almost entirely by collaborating organizers and advocates, we interpret this to mean people who have worked with us in some tangible way.
  2. People with a strategic reason for going to Warsaw. The UNFCCC conferences can be a great learning opportunity, but 350.org is there primarily to advocate and build a political movement, and to support others who do the same. If you want to attend in a learning, studying, or research capacity, we unfortunately cannot accredit you.
  3. People from different parts of the world. Advocacy at UNFCCC conferences is traditionally done by disproportionately large numbers of people from the Global North. Recognizing that we have a limit to the size delegation we can accredit, please help us as we strive to balance unequal influences on this global process.
  4. People who can handle their own logistics. We are unfortunately not able to assist people with financing, housing, or transportation needs.
  5. People who will respect our relationship with the UNFCCC. We will be asking everyone we nominate to sign a form agreeing to the UNFCCC guidelines for participation. This is to help protect 350.org and the rest of our delegation should any of our accreditees break the UNFCCC guidelines while attending under our name.

If you believe that you are a good candidate for going, please fill in this form. We will be in touch with you at the start of each month with an update on the nomination process.

Many thanks,
Elliot Altomare
UNFCCC Liaison, 350.org