COP23: It’s still up to us

Actions and events at UN Climate Talks

in Bonn, Germany from 3 November


There was plenty of bold climate leadership during the UN climate talks this year — and it came from those most impacted by the climate crisis and local leaders.

Our rapidly changing climate is a massive problem that requires a huge popular movement pushing the right solutions in 2018. We need bold action from our governments but many are still failing to live up to what’s required under the Paris Agreement. Right now, building local people power to stop fossil fuel projects and accelerate the transition to renewables is our best shot at securing lasting change. – Fenton Lutunatabua, 350 Pacific

It’s still up to us. Join us to build a Fossil Free world.

Latest Updates

U.S. People’s Delegation at COP23

Communities in the U.S. are standing up to Trump at the UN Climate Talks, and showing what real climate leadership looks like.

After COP23: “The Ambition Race Is On”

As the UN Climate Talks wrap-up in Germany, campaigners with are looking ahead to a year that will dramatically accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy for all.

Brazil wins ‘Fossil of the Day’ at COP 23

The ‘award’ was given mainly because of the Provisional Measure issued by Michel Temer, which grants a trillionaire tax exemption to companies in the oil and gas sector

Faith representatives meet Pacific Climate Warriors

At the People’s Climate Summit last week, faith leaders and Warriors shared messages of hope and climate justice, and why “faith institutions need to put their money where their mouth is.”

Week 1: COP23 Roundup

The Pacific Climate Warriors have led the way during the first week of the UN Climate Talks in Bonn, with people from Germany and around the world at their side.

It Begins! The U.S. People’s Delegation Takes on the Trump Administration at COP23

Today, community and grassroots leaders from the United States announced their platform at COP23 called the “U.S. People’s Delegation” to counter the Trump Administration’s fossil fuel agenda and to hold US states, cities, businesses, and the public accountable to commitments to climate action.

Meet the U.S. People’s Delegation at COP23

A delegation of climate activists and community leaders from across the United States who have come to COP23 to represent the true spirit of the nation and push for bold climate action that goes above and beyond the Paris Agreement.

Thousands march in Bonn calling for an end to coal now

Tomorrow the UN Climate Talks are set to begin in Bonn. Over the weekend Germany held its largest climate march ever with tens of thousands marching the streets demanding an end to coal. Leading the front were the Pacific Climate Warriors calling on world leaders to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

COP23:’s Position on a Pivotal Moment

This is a pivotal moment for global efforts to combat climate change. Countries will either succumb to the forces of denial, like the Trump Administration, or move ahead to a clean energy future that works for all.