COP26: Glasgow, Scotland: 31 October – 12 November 2021


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This November, world leaders from nearly 200 countries will meet in Glasgow, Scotland, for the 26th UN climate talks (COP26). It will be the most significant climate summit since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015.

It will not magically solve the climate crisis, but pledges made there can take a critical step towards ending the fossil fuel era once and for all.

Whatever happens at COP26, we are hopeful, because we are winning and resilient, and across the globe communities are standing together to confront the climate crisis and hold those that perpetuate it accountable.

With people power, and with the pressure on the streets and online, banks and governments will be forced to start moving at the scale and speed necessary. We will step up and be heard.

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Tell leaders of the US, UK and EU:

Fund the just transition everywhere

To: Boris Johnson (UK); Joe Biden (US); Ursula von der Leyen & Charles Michel (EU).

People across the world are already struggling with the impacts of the climate crisis: extreme droughts, wildfires, storms and floods. It’s your duty to act to prevent even more suffering.

There is only one right choice to make: rich funder countries must pull money out of fossil fuels, and use it to fund a just, clean, renewable energy transition everywhere.

From across the world, we demand that you:

  1. Pay your fair share: increase and fulfill your climate finance pledges.
  2. Stop funding fossil fuels: end all support to the coal, oil and gas industry, everywhere in the world.
  3. Finance a just transition: leave no country or worker behind to suffer, by investing your money into proven solutions & clean renewable energy for everyone.

The world isn’t ending: the era of fossil fuels is. People across the world are rallying against fossil fuels and those who finance the toxic coal, oil and gas industry.

Commercial and private banks will never move at the scale and speed needed to stop the climate crisis, so it’s time for rich governments to step up and make sure their banking systems stop financing fossil fuels, and start financing the just transition.

To keep funding fossil fuels means to knowingly bankroll a climate disaster. We need the world's richest countries to step up their climate finance game right now: stop funding fossil fuels, invest in solutions to the climate crisis instead, everywhere in the world.


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Global Day of Action for Climate Justice – Nov 6

The COP26 Coalition is organising decentralised mass mobilisations across the world, bringing together movements to build power for system change – from indigenous struggles to trade unions, from racial justice groups to youth strikers.

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