“The two most pressing issues of our time are inseparably linked. The continual warming of the globe will take the living conditions for the world’s bottom billion people from serious to critical. We need to act. Say a prayer. Ring the bells!” – Jonathan Denn, founder of countingprayers.org

There are many ways to unite the movements to fight climate change and end extreme poverty.  Over the last few weeks our friend Jon Denn has been working diligently to create a new online platform to invite prayers to solve both crises.  Since 23 September of 2007 countingprayers.org has been an online hub for The Prayer Vigil to End Extreme Poverty.  This Counting Prayer reads, “The world now has the means to end extreme poverty, we pray we will have the will.”

Now, countingprayers.org has launched the tools to pledge prayers against global warming as well.  Click here to add your prayers to the count.  And the website makes very clear the need for all us to not only pray to solve these crises, but also act.  That’s why in addition to the pledge for prayers the website also invites participation in global “Bell Waves to Save Earth.”  And here’s where 350 comes in…

“Worldwide Bell Waves start at the international dateline at 3:50 pm when we ask everyone, especially spiritual institutions, to ring their loudest bell 350 times to send the message to the world’s governments that CO2 emissions need to be reduced to 350 parts per million, a sustainable level to support life as we know it on the planet.” 

The first Bell Wave will commence on November 30, one day before this year’s UN negotiations on climate change in Poland.  Click here for more information about the bell waves.

We often discuss on 350.org the need for this movement to be incredibly diverse and creative.  We need people of all faiths, all cultures, all ages, and of all political persuasions to join in our common mission of reaching 350 ppm.  That’s why it’s tremendously exciting to see some spiritual communities and institutions are already helping to lead the 350 movement — ringing bells 350 times.  Click here to learn more about what some faith communities are already doing to mobilize around 350, and then don’t forget to pledge your prayers at countingprayers.org.  Pray and act, and on we go…

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