12 December, 2015:

Have the final word on the Paris Summit — then send us your photos, videos & tweets!


Photo: Mona Caron

Share on Social Media

We want the friends and families of everyone who participates to see what a great event it was — and we want to re-tweet and re-share your photos and videos in real time!

Share on Twitter, Instagram or Vine and make sure you use #D12. (Facebook is good too, just make sure your post is pubic and also use the hashtag.)

Submit your photos

Send your photo to [email protected] using these instructions:

  • Attach ONLY 1 photo per email to [email protected]
  • Choose a MAXIMUM OF 5 of the best images from an event to email in. If you choose five, you’ll be sending five separate emails.
  • Write the city and country in the subject-line of your email.
  • In the body of your email, write a compelling one-sentence description of your event and what is happening in the photo.
  • Include any photographer credits in the e-mail body as well.

And check out our guide on how to take a good photo here.

Submit your videos

Here’s how to submit videos to 350.org:

1) Create a highlight reel

  • This should include only the very best shots from your event — aim for five minutes or less.
  • Types of shots that are most useful are:
    • wide-angle shots that show the full scope of the event
    • medium shots that show action, chanting, signs, marching, etc.
    • close-up portrait shots that show the faces of the movement
    • any powerful audio: quotes from speeches, cheers, chants, etc.

2) Upload to YouTube or Vimeo & send us a link

Make sure your post is public, and the higher resolution, the better. Please send a direct link to your video to [email protected].



All submitted photos, videos, and action report content may be reproduced under Creative Commons Zero License.