I just got back to the office from a meeting with Janoz Pazstor, the head of Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s Climate Support Team. A few of us from the 350 crew went over there this morning to deliver a packet of photos from October 24, and show the UN that all over the world, people are united around the scientific target — 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. Janoz listened patiently as we took the better part of an hour to explain what happened on Saturday. It was really hard for us to keep it short because there was so much amazing, inspiring work we wanted to let him know was going on around the world.

It was amazing to have the opportunity to take your photos straight to the UN, and Janoz and his team were excited to receive them. He was curious about how we were able to mobilize so many people, everywhere in the world, on one day — and we told him that October 24 was, more than anything, an example of a true grassroots effort. We all put our shoulders to the wheel, united around a scientific target, and showed that people power created the most widespread political action the world has ever seen.

Photo: Shadia Fayne

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