Is the capital and megacity of the country that may feel the brunt of climate change earliest and most severely. Here’s a report from the meeting held there: 

On 24th October 2009 at 10-30 a.m., Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) organized a Citizen’s Rally at Shahbag, Dhaka (In front of the national museum). It was presided over by the BAPA President Prof. Muzaffer Ahmed. A large number of citizens coming from different places of the City of Dhaka attended the program. Apart from the president, speakers who addressed the gathering include Syed ANM Wahed (Former, Director of the department of Environment), Dr. Mohd. Abdul Matin (G/S, BAPA), Shahjahan Mridha Benu(Joint Secretary, BAPA), Iqbal
Habib (Member Secretary, Urbanization Program Committee), Mihir
Biswas(Member Secretary, Save Buriganga Movement), Sharif Jamil
(Member Secretary, Indigenous Environment), Advocate Abul Kalam Azad, and Mazharul Islam (H.R.NGO – Nagorik Uddyog). Topic of the rally was "Reduce and Limit Green House Gas production within 350 ppm ! Protect the carbon sinks like Soil, Water and Forests !! Compensate the affected Coastal population !!" People carried different festoons and posters mentioning the slogans.Finally the rally adopted the following

(01). Make limitation of Carbon Gas within 350 ppm.
(02). Industrialized states must provide Bangladesh with financial,
technological and adaptation supports.
(03). People of southern Bangladesh having threats of eviction from CC tidal bores must be provided with lands and immigration in other
(04).Affected population of the southern Bangladesh must be
compensated financially.
(05).CC Compensation fund must be under the discretion of the
Government of Bangladesh.
(06). Western world must provide Bangladesh with funds and technologyfor revival of the degrading river networks in Bangladesh.
(07).UN must establish a Adaptation Research Center at Dhaka and
(08). UN must strengthen and continue its initiatives in mitigating
and facing the climate change impacts !!

Others rallies were held at different parts of the capital city
and districts. Once we get the reports, we will circulate among the
net members !

There are 3 photos given herewith, please select any one you like.
These were taken by handy camera of BAPA office.


Dr. Mohd. Abdul Matin

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