Divest from deception. The plan for May 25 in Dallas:"> Divest from deception. The plan for May 25 in Dallas:">

Some big news for those of you near Dallas:

Next month, Exxon shareholders will meet in Dallas — and regular Texans will be there too, to call out the company’s destruction and lies.

Can you join us in Dallas on May 25th to call out Exxon’s destruction and lies?

Exxon deceived the public, misled their shareholders, and robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to prevent the climate crisis. This company’s shareholders need to know exactly how profoundly its deception has ravaged our air, water, climate and communities.

Texans are feeling the impacts of climate change more acutely than ever, both in the form of drought and the recent severe flooding. Meanwhile, big news dropped recently that Exxon knew about the risks of climate change half a century ago. They faced a choice: do something about it, or lie through their teeth — guess which path they chose?

Since the news first broke last fall, hundreds of thousands of Americans and a broad coalition of organizations have called on the U.S. Department of Justice and State Attorneys General across the country to investigate Exxon’s deception. On May 25th the fight is coming home to Dallas, where Texans will come together to show that we’ve had enough of Exxon’s pollution, deception, and greed.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, click here to join the rally on May 25th in Dallas.

It’s no secret that fossil fuel money is deeply entrenched in Texas politics — our current Attorney General Ken Paxton has accepted hundreds of thousands from the industry, and our Governor (and previous Attorney General) raked in millions. While life-threatening flooding and drought has ravaged our state, our political leaders have plunged us deeper into crisis by failing to put the people first.

It’s time to end this. It’s time to divest. The fossil fuel industry is facing an existential crisis. With renewable energy surging — along with an insurgent movement to divest from fossil fuels and shut down fossil fuel projects in every corner of the globe — there’s never been a better time to cut our financial ties with this corrupt and embattled industry.

Here’s what the day could look like: frontline communities, retirees, students, parents, teachers, climate scientists and people from across Texas ready to greet the shareholders right at the meeting’s doorstep, calling on them to divest from Exxon.

It’s time to make fossil fuel companies like Exxon history. Will you join us on May 25th?

As Texans, we will not stand for a system that values profit over people. Not anymore.

Thanks for standing with us,

Molly Rooke & the 350.org team

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