Tomorrow the second Cape Farewell voyage this month sets sail for Greenland’s Disko Bay. Earlier this month, the expedition we wrote about was comprised of promising youth leaders on climate change from around the world – this time the crew is comprised of forty scientists and artists of all types. From comics to playwrights to geoscientists, this incredible (and pretty starstudded!) crew will sail “into the heart of the climate debate”, hoping to draw knowledge, understanding, and inspiration for action from the Arctic in its current state.

To hear how some of your favorite musicians and artists are responding to seeing rapidly melting glaciers firsthand, head to the website, subscribe to their daily podcast and email updates, and even send them a question through the site. Everyday they’ll be “brushing aside snow and breaking out the portable satellite gear to broadcast blogs, images and video direct from the deck of the boat as we sail through this extraordinary area.” So break out your winter coat and hat and stay tuned to this historic journey through the Arctic!

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