Interest in 350 EARTH is cascading the closer we get to the UN Climate Talks in Cancun. A handful of 350 staff members will be in attendance, sharing the news about how the public continues to be inspired to tackle the climate crisis at the scale it demands.

Each EARTH image helps incapsulate an entire local story of climate impacts–conveyed in such a way so as to inspire action. We're sending these images to delegates at the climate negotiations, by way of reminding them that the civil society outporing they witnessed last year in Copenhagen is alive and well, and using new tactics.

I was particularly impressed to see a new set of pictures from Manhattan, which round out the set of EARTH images from the U.S. We intentionally worked with more artists in the U.S. than in any other country, because the most work is needed here to motivate the public to build a movement strong enough to confront the opponents of climate action.

We saw a winter garden 350 in Texas (home to oil companies and massive wind power potential alike), a re-created river bed where drought currently plagues the Santa Fe River in New Mexico, a solar eagle taking flight in Los Angeles (air pollution and solar power potential unite), and the rooftop mural in Manhattan depicting sea level rise.

We hope you'll keep tuning in for more beauty this weekend–and follow how our efforts at telling the story of this global movement–with both pictures and words–in Cancun. 

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