Using recycled products helps to slow down the climate crises by reducing the use of new resources and production of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.  Recycling or consuming recycled products reflects a sense of social responsibility.  Well-designed recycled products reflect a producer’s innovation and a user’s personal taste.  In this era of global climate change, the use of recycled products is à la mode.  Capitalizing on this trend, 350 Vietnam produces and sells various products fabricated from recycled materials to raise funds for their campaigns and inspire green consumption.  

350 Vietnam’s green products from organic cotton, recycled wood& recycled paper

Photo: 350 Vietnam’s green products (clockwise from top left): organic cotton bag, key ring from recycled wood, red money envelopes, notebook and name card made of recycled paper

To help promote 350 Vietnam’s green products major figures in Vietnamese show business, like Australian-Vietnamese singer Thanh Bui, and MC Nguyen Khang, use and enjoy them.

Musician-singer Thanh Bui shows off his new 350 organic cotton bag
Photo: Musician-singer Thanh Bui shows off his new 350 organic cotton bag

Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is coming, and as a tradition, the Vietnamese people hand out good-luck money to children in red envelopes (bao lì).  Thousands of trees are cut down to produce these envelopes.  To address this problem, 350 Vietnam has produced recycled red envelopes of their own.  Contrary to the market product commonly printed on glossy paper, these “green” red envelopes embrace the darker tones of recycled paper and are seed as “super cool and trendy” by 350 Vietnam’s celebrity Ambassadors.

VN celebs Minh Trung, Bao Nhi,Khanh Ngoc, Trung Cuong promote green red envelope

Photo: Singers Le Minh Trung, Ho Bao Nhi, Khanh Ngoc, and supermodel Le Trung Cuong welcome Tet with 350 Vietnam’s “green” red envelopes

They are all ‘green’! And you?

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