We're very pleased to announce our partnership with the Climate Reality Project, a new collaborative effort focused on working around the world to educate people about the very serious reality of climate change. This effort is being spearheaded by Vice President Al Gore, who has long been a 350 supporter.

This September, The Climate Reality Project and 350.org are uniting in two major events that will bring the world together in the movement to solve the climate crisis. On September 14, The Climate Reality Project will host 24 Hours of Reality, an online round-the-world, round-the-clock snapshot of the crisis we face. On September 24, 350.org hosts Moving Planet, a rally on the ground in communities worldwide to demand solutions to this crisis.
The Climate Reality Project and 350.org will work in partnership on both of these events. This September will be a month we won’t forget — a month for the world to unite around the reality of climate change and the need to take action.
24 Hours of Reality will take place over 24 hours, in multiple languages and in every time zone. This event will offer a round-the-clock snapshot of the reality of the climate crisis, sharing unique perspectives from Tonga to Cape Verde, Jakarta to London. In a live-streamed multimedia presentation by founder and Chairman, former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, the Realith Project will connect the dots between our changing climate and the extreme weather occurring around the globe.
The goal of Moving Planet is to get moving beyond fossil fuels—both symbolically by pouring into the streets in the thousands on foot, bicycle and other means of sustainable movement, and politically by bringing powerful demands to our leaders that day to move beyond fossil fuels to a 350ppm world. Mobilizing for individual and community solutions will continue to be important—but one of the main goals for Moving Planet is to demand government action, especially in places where governments are stalling on action despite the overwhelming reality of the climate crisis.

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