Our friends in Nepal are relentless! From the days of the first global day of action in 2009 till now, 350 leaders from the Nepalese youth for climate action (NYCA) and other youth organizations have taken it upon themselves to educate the youth of Nepal on the challenge of climate change and the solutions to it. Abhishek Shrestha, a young leader from NYCA has just sent us info of another climate leadership workshop in Pokhara, one amongst many he and his team have conducted in the past couple of years. sites/all/files/nepal_350_workshop_0.jpg

Nepal is a Himalayan community and could face dire consequences if climate change goes unabated. From basic resources like natural drinking water and food to energy and human health, the impacts are far reaching. The contribution to global warming from Nepal is negligible. Nonetheless, acknowledging the severe impacts they could face, Nepal has begun work on a National Adaptation Program of Action (NAPA) to better understand the vulnerability of the nation and build climate resilient models for the future. 

NYCA, as part of a larger South Asian climate action network is working with other South Asian countries in building a larger climate movement. From awareness programs to interacting and lobbying with politicians, Nepalese youth are leaving no stone unturned in doing their bit for a safe environment. Abhishek's next stop is at Nepalgunj, a municipality on the Terai plains of Nepal where 15 young Nepalese from 12 districts will come together for a leadership training followed by a cycle rally.

Watch this space for more news of the growing movement from the world over in the weeks and months to come.


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