For months now, we’ve been waiting for a sign that despite your cold and intimidating exterior, your heart is really in the right place. Sometimes if feels almost like you’re with us. You promise lovely things: climate action, clean energy… But EIB, why won’t you commit to breaking it off with fossil fuels?

We remember clearly the moment we first looked into your policies, and we thought: with some changes, this could work! But how do we get your attention? We were simple climate activists, and you were the EU Bank, so powerful and aloof.

And there was one deal breaker: your on-going relationship with fossil fuels.

But we decided to go for it, because we saw something special in you: a chance for a new beginning, and for climate justice (and – let’s be honest – your lots and lots of money).

So we made the first move. We launched a petition, and almost 20,000 of us asked you to break up with the fossil fuel industry for good. We know you noticed us! But it didn’t seem like your heart was really in it – at least, not yet.

We knew we had to do more to get your attention – and we knew your street address… So we got a group together, and showed up at your doorstep. We were just a group of activists, standing in front of a Bank, asking it to hear them. And you came out, and you listened, and we talked – and we felt a connection.

Vice-President of the EIB, Andrew McDowell, listening to Serena and Neal representing the NoTAP struggle in Puglia, Italy, against an EIB-financed fossil gas project, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline

But you didn’t commit, and we knew that fossil fuels still had a hold over you.

But we’re nothing if not determined! We thought you might need to see that others wouldn’t disapprove of you and us coming together in a fight for climate justice. So we told all our friends about you. Then we sent you letters: lots of personal, heartfelt letters, straight to your Governors’ inboxes.

We know you don’t like to talk about feelings, EIB, but when you shared that your Board was all about climate action, we finally felt that something had changed, that we had touched you deeply.

But listen up, EU Bank – we’re not going to fall for your pretty words and promises – not until you prove to us that you’re really in it, heart and soul (and purse). Climate action can only work if you break it off with fossil fuels. You can’t have it both ways.

Look, we know that breaking up is never easy. But it’s time you end the toxic relationship with coal, oil and – especially! – fossil gas. They’re nothing but trouble. Don’t let them stand in the way of what could be a beautiful, long-lasting relationship with a healthy climate and renewables-run communities across Europe.

EIB, we’re not giving up! We have hope in you, and we’re here to steal you away from those no-good fossils.

Expect us! We want your full commitment: not a single euro more from our taxpayers’ money will ever again help finance fossil fuels. We’ll keep showing up until you commit: that’s our promise.

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