Here at, we've tended to shy away from working with celebrities and focus on lifting up the voices of the real heroes working in the climate movement: the thousands of you who are organizing in your communities day after day. But when Ellen Page got in touch with us last year in the lead up to the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, we couldn't have been more excited. Turns out that Ellen is a big fan of Bill McKibben's books and is into permaculture, local food, and solving the climate crisis. Ok, and we're big fans of Juno, Whip It, Inception, and her other films too.

We're proud to announce that this summer, Ellen is going to be taking to their airwaves to promote across the United States. It's all possible thanks to our friends at Entercom, one of the five largest radio broadcasting networks in the US. Entercom works with over 100 radio stations in 23 cities and they've donated a ton of airtime to to make sure that Ellen's message is heard around the country. So if you're in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Sacramento, Kansas City, or elsewhere, keep your ears open!

Ellen recorded a number of PSA's for us, but we decided to put one of them to video so that you could take a look/listen. Enjoy!

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