After GPS in Turkey, we created the collective Climax Brasil and got engaged in many activities in the country and also COPs delegations, producing actions and communications with a funnier and sexier approach to the climate crises. That led me to increase my network in climate education and communication. 

In 2015 I got a scholarship to lead a project in Germany about the youth-led climate movement. After that, I co-founded and managed two organizations: 1) Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil, promoting climate education and tree planting among children; and 2) Youth Climate Leaders, training young people about the climate crises and connecting them with working opportunities in this field. 

In parallel I went back to Academia, and did my master’s studies in Science Education, investigating the challenges of teaching climate change to children and young people in Brazil. Now I am mainly working as a consultant and facilitator in projects related to climate education and youth empowerment and development. Also, I am working as a PhD candidate designing methods on how to address topics of sustainability and climate change in classes of Chemistry.

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