At the time, when people power is growing all over the world, countries of the world are looking for solving the climate and environmental crisis and started the wide coalition to end coal era, the Cabinet of Ministers in Georgia decides to change the structure with just pressing the “Delete” button on national Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources . The idea was to merge this Ministry with Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Economy according to the brand new draft of Law “On the Structure, Powers and the Order of Activities of the Government of Georgia”. All main Georgian NGO’s delivered the Petition on stop destroying the sustainable management and protection of the environment in Georgia by disbandment of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Georgia.

On the 1 of December the Committee of Parliament of Georgia discussed this problem in a wide presence and participation of NGO’s representatives and made a resolution on non-merging the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources in Georgia with other Ministries. But it wasn’t a victory at all. On the 7 of December the mentioned Law was adopted by the Parliament of Georgia and will soon come into force.

Can you image the protection of natural resources in these circumstances? We all know the injustice of protection of resources instead of their use and economical value. The coalition of Georgian NGO’s is protesting against this undemocratic transformations in the state government and are about to start a new campaign against total ignorance of sustainable environmental protection and public environmental rights in Georgia.в-грузии-не-закроют-министерство-окру/


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