Right now two extreme California fires are destroying dozens of homes while threatening thousands more. They’ve forced hundreds to evacuate and have already claimed two lives. For me, as for many of you, watching our state burn is heartbreaking, and it’s scary.

The destruction caused by fires is no surprise for Californians — but this fire season feels different from past years’. This time, we should be angry: While we’ve known that climate change is making our fire seasons longer and more severe, what we didn’t know until recently is how Exxon’s fingerprints are all over these fires.

Exxon knew in the 1970’s that climate change would bring more droughts and fires — and instead of warning the rest of us, they bankrolled nearly half a century of climate denial.

It’s time to hold Exxon accountable for its destruction and lies. Three ways you can help:

  1. Sign the petition telling California Attorney General Kamala Harris, every State AG, and the Dept. of Justice to investigate Exxon. Kamala Harris has already agreed to investigate, but we need to make sure she keeps her word. More voices will make sure the call is heard loud and clear.
  2. Share this message with your friends and family on Facebook.
  3. Send Kamala Harris a message on Twitter: .@KamalaHarris: Climate change-fueled fires are hurting Californians. Please keep your word and investigate #ExxonKnew!

On Tuesday, acting Gov. Tom Torlakson declared a state of emergency for Los Angeles and Monterey counties: the Sand Fire tripled in size overnight, burning the equivalent of 10,000 football fields per day, and the Soberanes fire has scorched more than 27,000 acres.

When Exxon executives found out what was coming all those years ago and faced the choice of what to do, they burned our communities quite literally. In the calculus of people versus profit, they dismissed us — and every community vulnerable to climate impacts — as sacrifice zones. Since Exxon found out about climate change in 1970, blazes on public lands have increased 500 percent.

Fossil fuel companies like Exxon, also the world’s biggest fracker, are still recklessly — and knowingly — driving the climate crisis. Impacts like droughts and fires are likely to get worse. It’s time to hold them accountable.

The iron is red hot. More than 500,000 Americans have called on our nation’s legal authorities to investigate Exxon’s lies. Attorneys General are uniting to fight the fossil fuel industry’s fraud. The Dept. of Justice referred the case to the FBI’s criminal division. And Exxon is getting mighty nervous: why else unleash their Congressional allies to try and silence us?

A corporation may never have done anything bigger and badder, and we can’t let them get away with it. Not while our communities are up in flames. And not while this dangerous heat wave sweeps the nation, hitting hardest against people that are already the most vulnerable: children, the elderly, people who are sick, and poor and homeless people.

So please: sign onto our call to California AG Kamala Harris. She needs to keep her word and investigate Exxon. For the sake of our communities, let’s stand the hell up.

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