sites/all/files/nh_faith_350.jpgYesterday I had the pleasure of hopping on the phone with some of the many people of faith who are organizing for Moving Planet. From the Democractic Republic of Congo to the streets of Boston, people of many faiths will be kicking off some of the events on September 24. In Boston, Interfaith prayers and songs will kick off a city-wide parade. Many thanks to our great friend Rev. Jim Antal for helping to galvanize his denomination to take part, and for organizing the call.

When I was growing up, I used to host organizing meetings and fundraisers (okay, they were lemonade stands) at the church where my dad was the pastor, and I'm always very encouraged when ministers and congregants alike dedicate their hearts and minds to the climate movement. It's more relevant than ever: Presidential candidate Rick Perry–a climate denier–led 30,000 people in prayer for many things, including more rain in drought-ravaged Texas.

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