Organisers in Hyderabad, India protested outside the annual general body meeting (AGM) of the infrastrucutre company, GVK on August 12th. GVK is making a terrible investment choice and planning the 10 billion USD Alpha coal project. The project constitutes a coal mine in the Galilee basin of central Queensland that if burnt will eat away 6% of the global carbon budget, a port to export coal to India and other North Asian countries that falls within the Great barrier reef heritage area and railway lines that cut through some of the most beautiful farms and landscapes in Australia.  

Even economically, the project has been thrashed as highly dubious and investors were warned not to make such a risky financing. Activists in Hyderabad gathered to protest outside the company AGM with messages from Indians and Australians alike to stop this dangerous project. The protest was quelled by the local police and the organisers detained for a couple of hours. Below is a slideshow of images with messages from friends in Australia who are ready to fight GVK, images from the action in Hyderabad and the action video.

Please share the story and these images with your networks as we hope to escalate pressure to stop the project. 

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