(from flickr user decarbonizecolorado)

I was in Colorado today to give a series of talks, and it was just my luck that local activists were staging a civil disobedience action at the Valmont coal plant that provides power to the city of Boulder.  Five protesters, including our friend Tom Weis of Climate Crisis Solutions, climbed a fence and unfurled this Renewables Now banner on the giant mountain of coal wiating to be burnt in the plant. They got lots of media attention for an hour and a half before police hauled thema way, charging them with trespassing. I was able to tell the crowd of supporters that this is the kind of action we're seeing all over the world.

Boulder is an interesting place–as the headquarters of American climate science at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, it has all the brainpower it could ever need, plus plenty of sun and windpower. So why is it still burning black rocks? That's the question these guys are asking for us–many thanks to them for a wonderful action!

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