It's all very fitting. Just one day before 10/10/10, Wellingtonians elected a new Mayor, Celia Wade-Brown to get to work on climate change. She cycles around Wellington with a large 350 sticker on the front of her bike, and she's doing just that on a recent issue of our main newspaper, the Dominion Post.


Celia beat the incumbent by a narrow 176 votes, and based her campaign on a more inclusive way of working, and on delivering better transport options. She's making the promises that we asked out Political leaders to make on 10/10/10 – "She urged Wellingtonians to show 'global leadership' on climate change, the environment, community engagement and clean technology". We'll be working with her to deliver those promises, so our work party here in Wellington has just begun!

The other really great news is that Jinty MacTavish, one of the driving forces behind 350 Aotearoa, has been elected as a Councillor for the Dunedin City Council (that's in the South Island of New Zealand).


She's young (25), dynamic and has inspired hundreds of young Kiwis to get active on climate change. She is going to be an awesome force in the council.

Who'll be next to step up to the political plate for 350?

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