Tired of the poor quality of public transportation in São Paulo, 350 partners and participants of the World Car Free Day movement organized a flashmob in the subway for the immediate release of R$ 15 million that has been provided to the Secretary of Transportation in the 2011 budget to make a mobility plan for the city. Less than two months to the end of the year, Mayor Gilberto Kassab and the Secretary of Transportation, Marcelo Branco, remain silent about this issue.

We are demanding a sustainable mobility plan that returns the city to its citizens, with good quality public transport that works for 24 hours a day with fair fares. This plan should also prioritize public and non-motorized transport and value accessibility, besides enforcing the traffic legislation that protects all and educates for citizenship in the streets. 

In October, after Moving Planet and the parade “The City is Ours”, the Public Prosecution Office of São Paulo issued a call to the Municipal Secretary for Transport, Marcelo Branco, to pass the Municipal Mobility Plan and appoint the Transportation City Council  within 60 days from 19th October. The request was sent by the Working Group on Urban Mobility of Rede Nossa São Paulo, one of 350.org partners for Moving Planet. If nothing is done, the prosecutor may bring a lawsuit against the city.

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