As part of our efforts building towards the Global Work Party, we've been contacting lots of farmers, eaters, and food justice advocates. One of our big allies in this effort is Anna Lappe, author of Diet for a Hot Planet. Anna is one of the judges of the Great Power Race, to help focus on the role that food plays on campus sustainability.

This morning, a brand-new online film came out from WhyHunger, called, “The Food and Climate Connection: From Heating the Planet to Healing It.”

It highlights the impact of today’s global food system on the climate and how a community-based food movement around the world is bringing to life a way of farming and eating that’s better for our bodies and the planet. Featuring interviews with farmers, community leaders, and sustainability advocates, the film highlights how the industrial food system is among the greatest contributors to global warming and how sustainable farming practices can pose a powerful solution to the crisis.

For a scan of how some of the food and agriculture politices in the United States are affecting farmers directly, check this out. And if you'd like to learn more about how 350 is working to profile food and climate change, check out our Food and Farm page.


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