COP26, the UN Climate Conference, is just around the corner. The event is a critical and challenging moment, specially this year as participation from civil society has been drastically impacted due to restrictions connected to the covid pandemic. 

Ahead of the climate talks, people are rallying to show decision-makers and financial institutions the era of fossil fuels is over and they need to build healthier, more equitable and resilient societies and economies — more than 50 actions are planned across the globe over the next few weeks! Stay tuned and join us online. We all have a part to play in making the change we want to see happen!


Total Knew and lied to our faces

In an article published last week, researchers disclosed that the French Oil giant Total has known that fossil fuels were causing climate change since 1971. Yes, that’s right! Just like Exxon and Shell, Total covered up the truth and not only kept investing in fossil fuels as if nothing was happening — they actually funded climate denial and disinformation. And still, Total keeps wrecking our climate and putting communities around the world at risk with disastrous projects, from Argentina to Uganda.Their fossil fuel business depends on money they get from banks, so send a message to the banks who are still funding them now — it’s time to cut them off!

Let’s close the gap

In our previous edition, we told you about the pledges several governments made in the last UN General Assembly. But there’s still a long way to go for them to walk their talk. The latest Production Gap Report shows that with countries’ current goals, we are heading to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels by 2030 than would be consistent with keeping world temperatures below 1.5C warming. The report also found that G20 governments have directed nearly USD 300 billion in new funds towards fossil fuel activities since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s far more than what’s been invested in renewable energy in the same period, and three times what’s planned for the climate finance fund being discussed at COP26. We need to stop funding fossil fuels, and it needs to happen now!

Lets get ICBC to go clean

The Chinese government recently made a big announcement to move away from funding any overseas future fossil fuel projects.The Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) must follow the lead of the Chinese government and increase its climate ambitions, zeroing emissions from its operations and finances. And zero means no new coal power plants, anywhere. Reports show that in 2019, the bank provided almost US $8.5 billion worth of direct funding to the top 30 coal power and mining companies.

This month, the website for a campaign asking ICBC to go clean from coal was launched by several organizations who have joined forces in this initiative, which is also showing strong resistance to ICBC’s coal funding in recipient countries like Turkey, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Pakistan.

A loud message to the Brazilian government

It does sound like something from the Jurassic period when governments keep insisting on fossil fuels, doesn’t it? When activists come together and put pressure on institutions and governments that harm our environment, and ask them to abandon old and outdated energy plans, people start to listen and pay attention. This was the case in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when an auction for oil and gas blocks in several areas in Brazil took place. But fishermen – who are directly affected by these actions – showed up, along with environmentalists and protested in front of the hotel where the event took place.

We are happy to inform you that there were no bids made that day!


Fund Climate Finance!

COP26 is informally called the “Finance COP”. That’s because this year’s conference will be decisive for implementing the USD 100 billion climate fund promised more than 10 years ago to climate vulnerable countries. This amount is late being delivered and it’s not nearly enough to find the transition in vulnerable countries anyway. We want to see the world’s richest countries pay what they owe and then step up their ambition even more! 

Climate impacts are already hitting hard around the world, and it’s time for governments and institutions to put People — not money — to the Front! We’re asking rich countries to step up and take responsibility for increasing and fulfilling their pledges, ending all support to the coal, oil and gas industry everywhere in the world and financing a just transition that leaves no country or worker behind.


Have your Sei at COP26 says the Pacific youth

*The Sei is a flower worn behind the ear. They chose this because they want to showcase the beauty and resilience of Pacific cultures.*

Also in the lead up to COP26, the youth in the Pacific are uniting under the #Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change to fight for the future of their islands. In the face of the climate crisis, Pacific islanders are not giving up. In fact, they are calling global leaders to rise up and meet the challenge of the climate crisis with real climate action.




    • The flooding in Thailand claimed seven lives and two were missing triggered by the storm. It was reported that 200,000 households in 30 provinces in lower north and northeast of Thailand were affected.





    • High temperatures and dry conditions in the region fuelled strong winds that whipped up a blinding storm cloud acting almost like a blanket across some of the cities in Brazil. A scene almost like from a movie
Image credit: France24 – Andrey LUZ AFP/File



    • When we mobilize and campaign against big oil companies – this is the exact reason why. A large oil spill left fish dead, birds mired in petroleum and wetlands contaminated. An estimated 126,000 gallons/3000 barrels has spread into an oil slick covering about 13 square miles of the Pacific Ocean. 



We have the chance to change the future, and we are winning! 

As a closure to this newsletter, I’d just like to share a personal reflection. Reading through this last session, seeing the impacts and thinking about everything that needs to happen to prevent climate chaos can be overwhelming. As a mother myself, when I see news about communities being hit by cyclones, flooding, and wildfires, I frequently find myself asking: how many climate impacts will today’s children face in their lives? 

As a parent we have a chance to make a difference, to create a world we want for our children. And we are doing it! We have many reasons to be hopeful, as we are fighting the fight and winning it. For real. It can be easy to feel pessimistic but there’s a lot on our side — I found it really helpful to read this article, and I thought perhaps you would too.

Stay well and see you next month!

In solidarity – Christine  


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