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The past few weeks have been hectic for the movement. As a note, we are in the middle of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) season, which means now is the time to pressure financial institutions and oil giants that need to fully commit to a greener future.

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In Case You Missed It

Shell is not winding down on fossil fuels

A shocking, mic-dropping moment happened last week when a Shell safety consultant bravely quits on the oil giant via a video she posted on her LinkedIn profile.

Caroline, who had worked for Shell for 10 years, states in her video that Shell double talks on climate, and they are completely failing on this. Her call to people in this industry, ‘Join me, and exit if you can.’

A crisis in the European Union

The released REpowerEU International Energy Strategy calls for a reckless course of action regarding decreasing reliance on fossil fuels from Russia by calling on the United States, Canada, Africa, and Gulf countries to develop new gas supplies.

The European Union is currently facing a crisis regarding the war in Ukraine and the interlinked issue of fossil fuel dependency.

Anything short of an urgent and comprehensive pivot towards developing clean energy plans is a false and inadequate solution to the interlinked crises that fossil fuel dependency exacerbates.

Celebrating Brianna from the Pacific Climate Warriors

Brianna to the front, please!

We are excited to introduce you to the recipient of the Global Citizen Prize: Citizen Award – Brianna Fruean. A shining light, a climate champion in the Pacific since the age of 11. From this brief description, we can confirm that her activism speaks for itself, as a youth representative on the Pacific Climate Warriors Council of Elders, she has consistently fought for the future of vulnerable Pacific Islands in the face of the climate crisis.

What an inspiration!


The pressure on EACOP is working

Deutsche Bank says it will not finance the mega oil pipeline – East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) in Africa.

Campaigners from Africa and Europe have been putting immense pressure on the bank which could not go unnoticed. This is great news, because it means that more banks and financial institutions are moving away from this controversial project. But we can’t stop here. Deutsche Bank is still giving millions to the company building it. Our fight must continue to ensure all finance to any fossil fuel projects must immediately STOP.

Wait, there’s more…

In Paris, over 300 climate activists shut down the TotalEnergies Annual General Meeting – forcing the fossil fuel giant to move the meeting online instead.

As the pressure builds around the world to stop Total’s toxic EACOP project, we’ll hit them where it really hurts: the money.

Now how is that for people-power?


Looking to organize more powerfully in the digital age?

We have just the right place for you. A place focused on using social media for mobilizing. Now we know that Instagram and TikTok are exploding so let’s go beyond the likes and views and concentrate more on action-taking and organising to build on the climate movement.

Join the group and go to the featured post to register. (Important note: don’t forget to answer all of the questions and confirm that you agree to the group rules)


Bringing the pressure to the AGMs

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) season is in full swing, with a good number of financial institutions holding meetings during this time.

We travel to Africa where climate activists across the continent are uniting in calling on the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) to finance a just transition. In honor of Africa Day celebrated on the 25th of May, they held peaceful actions around AfDB offices and the bank’s AGM venue in Ghana.

With a Position Paper physically delivered to their offices, the hope is that the bank will stop fossil fuel financing and switch to 100% renewable energy.

Climate campaigners in Nigeria are joining the cross-regional call on the AfDB to finance a just transition. Credit: Jerry Enebuse

Philippines finds courage in the face of grief

This very heartfelt story from the Philippines touches on a sense of loss with the recent results of the national elections. But it offers so much hope and courage in coming together to fight climate justice and grow the movement. We’re reminded of how anti-coal communities defied the odds and terminated coal power plant proposals.

Not forgetting the youth climate strikers who are vibrant with the energy and knowledge to understand that we are in a climate crisis.

All this is a good reminder that we need to strengthen our resolve, find our courage, and fight for our future.

Students marching for urgent climate action during the 2019 Global Climate Strike in Quezon City.
Photo Credit: Leo Sabangan II
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